US Personal and Corporate Tax

Our team has many years of experience working with cross border clients that include Canadian businesses expanding to the US, individuals leaving to go work in the US or coming from the US to Canada. We also assist US citizens living in Canada, bringing them up-to-date on filings, monitoring compliance or renouncing US citizenship.

Our US personal and corporate tax services include:

  • Preparation of US individual income tax returns (“1040”), FBAR forms and state returns, if required
  • Preparation of various foreign reporting forms such as Form 5471, 8938, 8621 and other, as applicable
  • Catch-up filings for persons who have lapsed in their tax filing requirements
  • Preparation of US nonresident alien income tax returns (“1040NR”) for US rental income, capital gains from real property, salary income, and business income
  • Preparation of US returns of partnership income (“1065”), together with partner statements (“K1”)
  • Preparation of the US income tax return of a foreign corporation (“1120-F”)
  • Preparation of treaty based disclosure claims
US tax accountant